Licensing NetIQ Solutions for the Data Center

Licensing NetIQ solutions for the data center is now easier and more convenient than it has ever been before. If you are transitioning older NetIQ licenses to the new model or buying into NetIQ solutions for the first time, you can learn all about the new licensing program. The new licensing model:

  • Is simple to understand
  • Makes managing licenses easier
  • Allows for painless expansion to additional products

The IT Operations Management Base License

Each enterprise (or purchasing entity inside larger organizations) is required to have a base license. This base license, while containing the rights to use certain connectors for AppManager®, doesn’t include any functionality. It allows you to buy into any of the additional add-ons inside the data center solution set where rights to use products such as AppManager, Aegis®, Operations Center, and the Unified Communications/Voice over IP products reside.

Simple licensing model

Simple Licensing Model


Add-ons are how you purchase the functionality you need. Add-ons are licensed by one of three metrics for the data center solutions: per server, per device, or per enterprise.

Per Enterprise: As explained in the IT Operations Management Base License, the Per Enterprise metric applies to each enterprise (or buying entity inside of larger organizations). Functionality licensed per enterprise covers the entire enterprise, regardless of how many servers or devices may be used by that license.

Server: This means the number of servers (virtual or physical) under monitoring or management by NetIQ solutions. Since applications are housed on physical or virtual machines, applications themselves are no longer counted. However, any server that hosts an application under management— that entire server is considered under management.

Per Device: This means individual devices under management by NetIQ solutions. Examples of devices under monitoring/management include: VoIP phones, network switches, or gateways.

Add-ons by solution

Available Add-ons

What happened to all of my NetIQ AppManager modules?

The following Add-ons are available for the NETIQ solutions for the data center.
For customers familiar with the older licensing model for AppManager, you might be wondering what’s happened to all the modules you’re used to managing. Individual modules are now located inside the Add-ons. Please visit the new AppManager Add-ons page for detailed information about what AppManager modules are included in which Add-ons.