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Your physicians and clinicians need easy access to shared patient information anywhere, anytime, from any device, (including shared devices). But you must also ensure that only the right people can access the right data for the right reasons.

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Enable single sign-on (SSO), on-premise or in the cloud

Your physicians and clinicians struggle to devise their own ways of remembering how to sign on to all the patient information sources and applications they need to deliver quality patient care. Regardless of whether your data and applications reside on-premise or in the cloud, staff members should be able to access appropriate patient information by signing on only once. Don't let sticky notes on the monitor, shared badges, or temporary badges undermine your user-access-control strategy for secure login and cloud/mobile access.

Provide seamless access and authentication

You need to manage authentication so you can provide the right patient information to the right provider with ease. Imagine being able to give all your physicians and clinicians instant and secure access from anywhere, anytime, any device—even those shared devices. We supply powerful, automated access provisioning and authentication integrated with your method of authentication (e.g., badges, proximity badge readers, biometrics, etc.). We help eliminate labor-intensive, back-end IT processes across all of your platforms, including the cloud.

Automate and eliminate the overhead and expense of password resets

Your staff members are used to resetting their own passwords on personal applications. Why should clinical and patient data applications be any different? We let you provide a self-service portal where physicians and clinicians can reset and manage their own passwords. This gives them timely access to critical patient data without having to contact IT. Administrators continue to maintain full control of the password policy and are freed up to focus on other aspects of compliance and security.

Provide mobile access to patient information and clinical applications

Healthcare physicians and clinicians are always on the move from one patient to the next, and one facility to the next. They need access to patient data and clinical applications from anywhere, anytime and any device. We provide mobile access to secure data and applications, allowing you to provide essential information without the risk of it residing on the mobile devices. This capability reduces the risk of data loss and helps you comply with privacy policies, while letting you provide a higher quality of care to the patient.

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