Provide continuous governance of HIPAA/HITECH compliance

Regulatory compliance used to mean an annual audit and a check box. But regulations about patient privacy are being ever more carefully enforced through HIPAA and HITECH. You need continuous monitoring to protect patient data and ensure compliance.

We help you...

Detect and close policy violations

Whether your systems and data are on-premise, distributed and/or in the cloud, you need to govern policy compliance centrally. We help you centrally manage all of the processes and policies that determine how you monitor access and changes to sensitive systems and data.

We make it easy to define baseline system configurations and activity, and maintain these over time. Browser-based dashboards quickly display risk, compliance and trends in real-time. Change monitoring pinpoints unauthorized activity with before-and-after analysis.

This makes it possible to detect, resolve and avoid HIPAA/HITECH violations quickly, while meeting regulatory requirements to deliver continuous compliance.

Achieve continuous compliance

It can be very hard to achieve continuous compliance when you are manually managing policy and process and dealing with many regulations and privacy initiatives. It is even harder when you have a large number of platforms, systems, applications and data sources.

You need to automate the delivery of security intelligence, so you can quickly detect policy violations, resolve issues, and close compliance gaps. We provide automated, out–of–the–box templates that deliver immediate compliance knowledge (e.g., HIPAA, HITECH, etc.).

We let you specify monitoring policies in familiar, everyday language. This makes it easier for you to associate your policies with the technical controls required by various regulations and your own policies. This also makes it faster and easier for auditors to evaluate IT compliance.

Demonstrate access governance and regulatory compliance

Without specialized tools, it is very hard to attest meaningful use and access compliance. Attestation and compliance is labor-intensive, complex, time-consuming and costly. Because attestation is often done manually, it is also prone to error and exposes you to audits and funding reductions. We provide you with all the right metrics and reporting to attest compliance with greater accuracy, reducing threats, breaches and audits.

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