Consider strategic cloud delivery options

Federal CIOs must improve service, maximize investments and support emerging requirements. Your new digital strategy must be securely architected and provide for interoperability and public openness.

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Provide Innovative IT Services to Federal Agencies

Through the Cloud Services Provider Program, service providers can deliver the complex service offerings that Federal Agencies require in order to successfully shift to a hybrid cloud computing model. With our solutions, these services will help the agencies secure, manage, monitor and measure their overall IT infrastructure regardless of where it resides. We will help service providers bring innovative services to agencies faster and easier than before.

Add value with cloud based delivery options

Federal IT can add value for the supported agencies with all deployment models. Cloud solutions will help you solve the critical challenges your agencies face. You can become a trusted provider of services for your agencies executing their strategy with shared services in a flexible and consumable model. Help your agencies enforce their identity, access, security management, compliance and operational policies across on-premise and cloud resources. Provide cloud broker services that help agencies manage their hybrid cloud environment. Provide visibility via business-centric dashboards to both internal and customer stakeholders.

Innovate the delivery of IT services that manage your mission-critical services

We provide award-winning technologies that allow you to deliver cloud services in the following areas to manage the delivery of mission-critical services to your agencies:

  • Identity, Compliance and Access Management—Deliver Identity As A Service (IDAAS) services to help your agencies to manage core identity information, maintain secure access management and remain fully compliant with current and future regulations while including their on-premise and cloud resources.
  • Infrastructure Management—Monitor, analyze and view events occurring across your customers’ on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Workload Management—Migrate workloads to and from the cloud and protect workloads running on-premise or in a cloud environment.
  • Service Level Management—Provide a holistic view of all resources making up a customer's environment, and demonstrate SLA performance where it is defined, regardless of where it is hosted.
  • Services Management—Offer your customers a self-service user experience where they can select, deploy and manage workloads and services across multiple cloud destinations.

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Regulations and Standards

Our solutions help to assure compliance with regulatory guidance affecting U.S. Federal agencies: