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PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 Evaluation Install Instructions
platespin-migrate-connector-2019.5-141.1.x86_64.rpm 67 MB (70292464) 1.1 GB (1165607512)
ptm_public-key.key 1.7 KB (1732)

Trial Download

To evaluate the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 release, click "Get Trial Download" to go to the PlateSpin Transformation Manager product page. Follow the Trial Download option. When you are prompted, log in using your Customer Center account.

Get Trial Download

Product Description

PlateSpin Migration Factory brings a project-management approach to large-scale cloud and data-center migrations. PlateSpin Transformation Manager and PlateSpin Migrate work together to provide discovery, planning, execution, and visualization of migrations for enterprise-grade servers.

PlateSpin Transformation Manager provides planning, tracking, and automation solutions for PlateSpin Migration Factory. It features familiar project roles and progress visualization with a dashboard. Import with automatic discovery simplifies and standardizes the setup of workloads and target platforms for planning. With automated migrations, you can control the transformation workflow from import to cutover from a single point of control across large server farms of PlateSpin Migrate servers. Your team can increase project predictability, transformation speed, and success ratios, which helps reduce overall project costs and time to completion.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector, a component of PTM, is deployed in your migration environment to support workload and target platform discovery, to load-balance the assignment of migration jobs across its participating PlateSpin Migrate servers, and to manage communications for the execution and monitoring of transformation plans.


Documentation for this release is available online in HTML and PDF formats. Visit the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 Documentation website.

Key Features

PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 provides several new features and enhancements. For more information about these and other enhancements, see "What's New" in the PTM 2019.5 Release Notes.

PlateSpin Migration Factory

  • Use with PlateSpin Migrate 2019.5 servers
  • Run a centralized PTM across multiple environments
  • Run multiple Connectors for a single project

VMware vCenter Server Platforms

  • Support for duplicate Cluster names if they have different IP addresses for their vCenter servers
  • Support for the Install VMware Tools option based on valid OS type and version

Microsoft Azure Platforms

  • Support for new Azure VM instance types
  • Support for the Install Azure Agent for Linux option
  • Support for Azure Managed Disks
  • Support for Availability Sets
  • Support for Azure Storage v2
  • Support for migrations of Windows Server 2008 (non R2, 64 bit) to Azure

Amazon Web Services Platforms (Tracking Only)

  • Support for new AWS VM instance types
  • Support for the Install AWS Agent option
  • Ability to search for AWS workloads based on specified AWS resources

Automation Enhancements for Migrations to VMware and Azure

  • Support for all fields in Target Workload Test Settings in PlateSpin Migrate
  • Ability to restrict Automated mode to operating systems and versions supported by PlateSpin Migrate
  • Ability to discover and specify multiple IP addresses per NIC for Windows workloads
  • Ability to specify multiple IP addresses for gateways per NIC for target Windows workloads in VMware
  • Ability to notify whether a pre-compiled block watch (blkwatch) driver is available based on the Linux operating system and kernel version

PTM Appliance

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • Uses systemd mechanism

PlateSpin Migrate Connector

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
  • Uses systemd mechanism


File Description

Filename Usage

(where xx denotes the build number)

PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 Appliance

An OVF file that you use to deploy the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance in your virtualization environment.

You can also use the OVF file to deploy a replacement PTM Appliance for upgrades from version 2019.2 to version 2019.5.


(where xx.x denotes the build number)

PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2019.5

Contains files to install PlateSpin Migrate Connector on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 servers that you deploy in your migration environment.

An instance of the Migrate Connector is automatically installed on the Appliance when you deploy the Appliance VM.


PlateSpin Transformation Manager Public Key

Contains the public key used for signing the PlateSpin Migrate Connector for new installations.

NOTE: To install the RPM without warnings, you must import the key to your keyring on the intended Migrate Connector host before you install the Connector RPM.


System Requirements

Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Transformation Manager

To download and install the Appliance OVF file:

  1. On the Download page, click download, then copy the ZIP file to your local management computer.

  2. Extract the OVF file.

    NOTE: Some versions of Windows extractor might not properly extract the OVF file. In this case, you should use third-party software to extract the OVF file.

  3. Configure the virtualization host server where you will run the appliance.

  4. Follow instructions in the Appliance Guide to deploy the PTM 2019.5 Appliance.

For complete Appliance deployment and configuration information, see "Deploy PTM Appliance" in the PTM 2019.5 Appliance Guide.


Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Migrate Connector

An instance of PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2019.5 is pre-installed on the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2019.5 Appliance. The Connector is pre-configured to work with the PTM server.

You can install Migrate Connector on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 servers and deploy them as needed in different source networks and target networks.

To download and install the Connector software:

  1. Download and install the Migrate Connector RPM file and KEY file on your Linux server. See PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2019.5 Installation Quick Start.

  2. Configure the Connector to use the PlateSpin Transformation Manager server. See "Configuring a Connector Instance for PTM" in the PTM 2019.5 Administrator Guide.

For complete Connector deployment and configuration information, see "PlateSpin Migrate Connector" in the PTM 2019.5 Administrator Guide.


Known Issues