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NetIQ PlateSpin Protect 11.3 Install Instructions
bootofx.x2p.iso 437.2 MB (458428416) Downloads be64bcd0a53650db0882e5a0989beb7a
VolumeManager.exe 24.5 KB (25088) Downloads a20d973b06f96f399a9e88e9ed8951d8
PlateSpinProtectSetup- 3.4 GB (3631268726) Downloads 0da627d50031d6135dd067f3e62353bb

Trial Download

To evaluate the PlateSpin Protect 11.3 release, click "Get Trial Download" to go to the product page. Click theTrial Download tab, then log in using your Customer Center account. We will email you with access details for your trial license.

Get Trial Download

Product Description

PlateSpin Protect is business continuity and disaster recovery software that protects physical and virtual workloads by using virtualization technology. In the event of a production server outage or disaster, a virtualized replica of a workload can be rapidly powered on within the target container (a VM host), and continue to run as normal until the production
environment is restored.

PlateSpin Protect enables you to:

  • Concurrently protect multiple workloads (10 to 50, depending on performance characteristics in your environment)
  • Test the failover workload without interfering with your production environment
  • Quickly recover workloads upon failure
  • Take advantage of existing external storage solutions, such as SANs

PlateSpin Protect uses operating system virtualization as the mechanism underlying its workload protection functionality. It requires that you have an existing VMware VM host (a VM container).

As part of the protection workflow, PlateSpin Protect creates a failover workload (a virtual replica of your production workload) and regularly updates it at configurable intervals. If your production workload goes offline, you can fail it over to the VM replica, which takes over the business services of the failed workload. You can then fail this workload back to either its original or to a completely new infrastructure, physical or virtual.

The documentation for this product is available on the PlateSpin Protect 11.3 Documentation website.

Key Features

PlateSpin Protect 11.3 adds enhancements and resolves several previous issues.

Enhancements for Supported Configurations

  • Source Workloads
    • Virtio devices

  • Target Containers

    Target Virtual Host Version Remarks
    VMware vCenter
    6.5 (U1) Supports vSAN 6.6 on vCenter 6.5.
    VMware ESXi 6.5 (U1)  

Enhancements for Security

The PlateSpin Protect 11.3 upgrade process supports your custom sa password for the PlateSpin Database.

Resolved Issues

For a list of resolved software issues, see PlateSpin Protect Resolved Issues.


Licensed PlateSpin Protect customers can upgrade to PlateSpin Protect 11.3 from an existing installation of PlateSpin Protect 11.2.1, with or without hotfixes or patches applied. Other direct updates are not supported. See "Upgrading PlateSpin Protect " in the PlateSpin Protect Installation and Upgrade Guide.

File Description

Filename Usage


(where xxxx denotes the build number)

Used to install the product. The program checks your system for the necessary prerequisites and interactively installs the required software components. See "Installing PlateSpin Protect" in the PlateSpin Protect Installation and Upgrade Guide.


Used to boot BIOS firmware-based targets or UEFI firmware-based targets in preparation for "workload failback." See "Failback to Physical Machines" in the PlateSpin Protect User Guide.

Note:This tool is also compatible with the PlateSpin Forge product.


Used to change the local volume serial numbers to match on each node of the Windows cluster that you want to protect. See "Synchronizing Serial Numbers on Cluster Node Local Storage" in the PlateSpin Protect User Guide.

Note: This tool is also compatible with the PlateSpin Forge product.

System Requirements

For the most recent information about system requirements for the PlateSpin Protect software, see "System Requirements" in the PlateSpin Protect Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Supported Workloads

For the most recent information about requirements for workloads, see "Supported Configurations" in the PlateSpin Protect User Guide.

Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Protect

To download the installation program:

  1. On the download page, select the PlateSpinProtectSetup-11.3.0.xxxx.exe file to download.

  2. Click download, then copy the file to an accessible location on the computer where you want to install the product.

    Important: If the installer is archived into a .zip file, first download it, save it locally, and then extract the installation program.

Before you launch the installation program, you must read the installation documentation, decide on an installation layout, and ensure that your host meets the system requirements for the different software components of PlateSpin Protect. See "Installing PlateSpin Protect" in the PlateSpin Protect Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Known Issues