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PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2.0 Evaluation Install Instructions
platespin-migrate-connector-2.0.0-678.1.x86_64.rpm 57.2 MB (59927349) 1.2 GB (1300646864)
ptm_public-key.key 1.7 KB (1732)

Demo License

A Demonstration (Demo) License for 100 workloads is automatically activated when you deploy the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance. The evaluation period of 6 months begins when you install the product. A workload license is consumed when you edit a workload to plan its transformation. You can configure users, projects, platforms, resources, and configuration settings without consuming a workload license.

For more information, see "Demo License" in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

Product Description

PlateSpin Transformation Manager is a planning, tracking, and automation solution for data center transformation projects. It features familiar project roles and progress visualization with a dashboard. Import with automatic discovery simplifies and standardizes the setup of workloads and target platforms for planning. With automated migrations, you can control the transformation workflow from import to cutover from a single point of control across large server farms of PlateSpin Migrate servers. Your team can increase project predictability, transformation speed, and success ratios, which helps reduce overall project costs and time to completion.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector supports workload and target platform discovery, load-balances the assignment of migration jobs to PlateSpin Migrate servers, and manages communications for the execution and monitoring of transformation plans.

Documentation for this release is available online in HTML and PDF formats. Visit the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 Documentation website.

Key Features

PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 provides several new features and enhancements. For more information about these and other enhancements, see "What's New" in the PTM 2 Release Notes.

  • PlateSpin Migration Factory
    • Use with PlateSpin Migrate 2018.11 servers
    • Run a centralized PTM across multiple environments
    • Run multiple Connectors for a single project
  • Supported target platforms for automated migration
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud: Global, China, Germany, and US Government
    • VMware vCenter Server: on premise or on VMware Cloud (VMC) in Amazon Web Services
  • Discovery of target platforms and resources
    • Azure: locations, networks, subnets, datastores, resource groups
    • VMware: clusters, hosts, networks, datastores, resource pools
    • Exclude / include a selected resource from planning menus
    • View associated workloads for any resource
  • Enhanced tracking
    • Tracks external migrations to any target platform supported by PlateSpin Migrate
    • Provides improved matching of workloads
    • Integrates tracked migrations in Dashboard metrics
  • Bulk Edit
    • Groups parameters to match Workload dialog
    • Provides Bulk Edit Results as a pre-check that shows fully modified, partially modified, no changes, and warnings
  • Import Progress
    • Provides a role-based view of discovery status for imports over past 24 hours
    • Shows import status: all, success, in progress, failed, and not found
    • Optionally applies a selected list as an Advanced Search for the Workloads list
  • Web Interface Enhancements
    • Use default project or create others: My Organization, My Project, My Wave, My Batch.
    • Enable Install Migrate Agent to migrate source workloads to remote target platforms with no VPN required.
    • Modify credential in the Workload dialog after a failed discovery to retry import without consuming a workload license.
    • Create Credential resources from dialogs where they are needed: Import, Migration Tool, Platform, and Workload.
    • Add Azure Credential type.
    • Disable services (Windows) or daemons (Linux) before cutover.
  • PlateSpin Migrate Connector
    • Supports multiple Connector instances in a project
    • Supports association of Connectors and Migration Server resources
      • A single Connector for each Migration Server resource
      • Multiple Migration Server resources to a single Connector
    • Provides a health status heartbeat at regular intervals to PTM about all Connectors and Migrate servers
    • Supports create, read, update, and delete operations for a variety of PTM objects
    • Uses Swagger UI tool to provide interactive documentation and export sample code
    • Provides the Python client used by Migrate Connector at <Connector-path>resources\ and other example scripts in the resources folder


File Description

Filename Usage

(where xxxx denotes the build number)

PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance

An OVF file that you use to deploy the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance in your virtualization environment.


(where xxx denotes the build number)

PlateSpin Migrate Connector

You can install the Connector on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 server. Other versions of Linux are supported if the system meets software prerequisites. See "Supported Connector Host OS and Software Prerequsites" in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.


The public key used for signing the PlateSpin Migrate Connector RPM.

To install the RPM without warnings, you must import the key to your keyring before you install the RPM.

System Requirements

For the most recent information about requirements for the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance, see "Appliance Requirements" in the PTM 2 Appliance Guide.

Licensing PlateSpin Transformation Manager Software

Visit the Customer Center to purchase a Full License. See "Full License" and "Adding a License Key" in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Transformation Manager

To download and install the Appliance OVF file:

  1. On the Download page, click download, then copy the ZIP file to your local management computer.

  2. Extract the OVF file.

    NOTE: Some versions of Windows extractor might not properly extract the OVF file. In this case, you should use third-party software to extract the OVF file.

  3. Configure the virtualization host server where you will run the appliance.

For complete Appliance deployment and configuration information, see "Deploy PTM Appliance" in the PTM 2 Appliance Guide.

Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Migrate Connector

An instance of PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 is pre-installed on the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 Appliance. The Connector is configured to work with the PTM server.

You can install additional Connectors in source networks and target networks for VMware platforms on your SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3 servers. Other Linux servers are supported if software prerequisites are met.

To download and install the Connector software:

  1. Download and install the Migrate Connector RPM file and KEY file on your Linux server. See PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 Installation Quick Start.

  2. Configure the instance for the PlateSpin Transformation Manager server. See "Configuring a Connector Instance for PTM" in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

For complete Connector deployment and configuration information, see "PlateSpin Migrate Connector" in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

Known Issues

For the list of known issues, see the PTM 2 Release Notes on the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Documentation website.