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PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 Install Instructions 753.3 MB (789847816)
VolumeManager.exe 24.5 KB (25088) 1.1 GB (1167291046) 11.5 KB (11728)
PlateSpinMigrateSetup- 3.5 GB (3736520375)

Trial Download

To evaluate the PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 release, click "Get Trial Download" to go to the PlateSpin Migrate product page. Follow the Trial Download option, then log in using your Customer Center account. We will email you with information about how to access your trial license.

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Product Description

PlateSpin Migrate enables you to migrate heterogeneous workloads across x86-based physical, virtual, image, and cloud infrastructures in your data center. It decouples the workload infrastructure from its software (operating system, applications, and data) to allow any-to-any migrations. Migrate provides tools to easily discover workloads and hosts in your environment. You can efficiently configure, execute, and test workload even before the actual cutover, and also monitor the status of workload migration.

In addition to virtual and physical hosts, PlateSpin Migrate supports migration of workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Director, and VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services.

Documentation for this release is available online in HTML and PDF format. Visit the PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 Documentation website.

Key Features

  • Automated migrations to Amazon Web Services
  • Automated migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Automated cloud-to-cloud migrations (no VPN required)
    • From AWS to Azure
    • From Azure to AWS
    • From AWS to vCloud
    • From vCloud to AWS
    • From Azure to vCloud
    • From vCloud to Azure
  • Support for VMware vCloud Director 9.1 as a target
  • Ability to add a VMware DRS Cluster target as a cluster or as hosts
  • Enhanced Multipath I/O (MPIO) support
  • Secure connections between PlateSpin Migrate server and a remote database server using TLS 1.2 protocol
  • New PlateSpin Configuration parameters
    • AwsInstanceTypeForReplicationEnvironment
    • AWSPriceListRegion
    • AWSEnableSourceCredentialsForLinuxWithKeypair
    • PartitionAlignmentSizeInKB
    • UseOnlyPublicIPForAWS
    • VCloudAppTemplateName

For more information about these and other enhancements for this release, see "What's New" in the PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 Release Notes.

For detailed information about supported source workloads and target platforms for PlateSpin Migrate 12.3, see "Supported Configurations" in the PlateSpin Migrate User Guide.

File Description

Filename Usage

Contains the compressed PlateSpin ISO files, which are used to boot BIOS or UEFI firmware-based target physical machines or virtual machines during semi-automated migrations and semi-automated Server Sync operations. The semi-automated migration is used to transfer the workload to a physical machine or virtual machine that has been registered in PlateSpin Migrate. This registration occurs when you boot the target machine with the PlateSpin ISO image and register with the PlateSpin Server by following the prompts.

  • The bootofx.x2p.iso file uses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP3 for the Linux RAMDisk (LRD), which contains a minimal set of system files, drivers, and executables, sufficient for an initial, temporary boot. It supports all enhancements for the PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 release. You can optionally select support for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Multipath I/O functionality, or both FCoE and MPIO to recognize and temporarily manage those capabilities in the target physical or virtual machine. Use this ISO for migration of 64-bit workloads.

  • The bootofx.x2p.sles11sp4.iso file uses SLES 11 SP4 for the LRD. It does not support the enhancements for the PlateSpin Migrate 12.3 release. Use this ISO for migration of 32-bit workloads.

See "PlateSpin ISO Image" in the PlateSpin Migrate User Guide. 

PlateSpin requires a replication environment to migrate workloads to a vCloud Organization. The replication environment is a virtual appliance based on a SLES 11 operating system and contains all the required PlateSpin tools. This ZIP file contains a OVF PlateSpin Package that you must upload to the vCloud organization.

See "Prerequisites for Migrating Workloads to VMware vCloud Director" in the PlateSpin Migrate User Guide.


(where 771 denotes the number of the build that is available for download)

NOTE: Build 771 (PlateSpinMigrateSetup- replaces Build 687 (PlateSpinMigrateSetup- that was previously available on the download site for the PlateSpinMigrate 12.3 product installation.

Use this PlateSpin Migrate setup executable to install the product. The program checks your system for the necessary prerequisites and interactively installs the required software components.

See "Installing PlateSpin Migrate" in in the PlateSpin Migrate Installation and Upgrade Guide.


Use to change the local volume serial numbers to match on each node of the Windows cluster that you want to migrate.

See "Synchronizing Serial Numbers on Cluster Node Local Storage" in the PlateSpin Migrate User Guide.

Contains the Install PlateSpin Migrate Prerequisites.ps1 file and related .bat and readme.txt files.

Run the Install PlateSpin Migrate Prerequisites.bat file to execute the PowerShell script. The PowerShell script automatically installs and configures prerequisite software on the intended PlateSpin Migrate server host where you have previously installed a supported version of Microsoft Windows Server operating system and activated the Windows license.

NOTE: The installation of prerequisite software might require a reboot of the intended PlateSpin Migrate host server. Depending on what prerequisite software needs to be installed, Internet access might be required.

See " Prerequisite Software" and "Installing Prerequisite Software" in the PlateSpin Migrate Installation and Upgrade Guide.

System Requirements

For the most recent information about system requirements, see "Preparing to Install PlateSpin Migrate" in the PlateSpin Migrate Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Licensing PlateSpin Migrate Software

To install and use PlateSpin Migrate, you must have a license activation code. If you do not have a license activation code, request one through the Customer Center. A Micro Focus representative will contact you and provide the license activation code. For more detailed information about product activation and licensing, see "PlateSpin Migrate Product Licensing" in the PlateSpin Migrate User Guide.

Downloading and Installing PlateSpin Migrate

To download the installation program:

  1. On the download page, select the file to download.

  2. Click download, then copy the file to an accessible location on the computer where you want to install the product.

    Before you launch the installation program, you need to read the installation documentation, decide on an installation layout, and make sure your hosts meet the system requirements for the different software components of PlateSpin Migrate. For complete product installation and upgrade information, see the PlateSpin Migrate Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Downloading the PlateSpin Migrate Boot Image

To download the image:

  1. On the download page, select the .zip file ( to download.

  2. Click download, then save the .zip file to an accessible location on your network.

  3. From the location where you saved the .zip file, extract the two ISO files for later use:

NOTE: The PlateSpin Migrate Knowledgebase includes an article with instructions you can use for updating this ISO with additional device drivers.

Known Issues

For the list of known issues, see the PlateSpin Migrate Release Notes on the PlateSpin Migrate Documentation website.