Novell Self Service Password Reset 2.0 Hotfix 1 Readme

March, 2013

Novell Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) is a Web-based password management solution. It eliminates users’ dependency on administrators’ assistance for changing passwords. It reduces the cost and workload of help desk. Users can change their password and reset forgotten password based on the configured challenge responses.

SSPR also allows the administrator to ensure that all passwords in the organization comply with the established policies.

1.0 What’s New?

SSPR 2.0 Hotfix 1 includes the following enhancements and software fixes:

1.1 Enhancements

Support for External Web Authentication Methods: In addition to supporting the http basic authentication, SSPR now provides an option to implement an interface and configure the same as a Web authentication method.

You can configure external Web authentication methods in the Miscellaneous section of the SSPR Configuration Editor.

1.2 Software Fixes

SSPR 2.0 Hotfix 1 includes the following software fixes:

1.2.1 Issue with Changing Passwords

Users could not change their passwords if the Number of days before password can be changed option is enabled in the UP Password policy.

1.2.2 Issue with User Authentication

SSPR does not allow a user to login if the Users must change password at next logon check box is selected in the Account Options section of the user account.

1.2.3 Issue with Resetting the Forgotten Password

Resetting the forgotten password fails if the Minimum password age policy is enabled.

2.0 Installing SSPR 2.0 Hotfix 1

The steps for installing SSPR 2.0 Hotfix 1 and SSPR 2.0 are same. For information about how to install SSPR 2.0, see Installation in the Novell Self Service Password Reset 2.0.0 User Guide.

If you have already installed SSPR 2.0, we recommend you to perform the following actions:

  1. Download the existing server configuration file by using the Download Configuration File option in the SSPR portal. You can access this file through http://<IP address>:<port Number>/sspr/config/ConfigManager.

  2. Delete the existing installation from the tomcat Web application folder under <tomcat>/webapps. This path may vary on you system. Delete the sspr folder and the sspr.war file from the webapps folder under tomcat.

  3. Install SSPR.

    NOTE:The directory extension is not required if you have provided it during the SSPR 2.0 installation.

3.0 Known Issues

The following are the known issues with appropriate workaround in SSPR 2.0 Hotfix 1:

3.1 Users Cannot Log In to Active Directory

When you create a user through the New User Registration module, the user is unable to log in to Active Directory. To resolve this issue, add useraccountcontrol=512 in the Write Attributes section of the New User Registration module configuration.

3.2 A Blank Page Appears After Unlocking a User Account

When a help desk user unblocks a user account, a blank page appears instead of the confirmation message. Ignore this. The user account gets unlocked successfully.

3.3 The Change Password Portal Displays Inconsistent Messages

After changing the password, user may receive inconsistent messages. Ignore this. The user’s password is changed successfully.

4.0 Documentation

The complete documentation is available at Self Service Password Reset Documentation Website.