11.12 White Label Template Report

Sentinel delivers an out-of-the-box White Label report template, which is available in the Reports and Searches panel. This panel displays the reports and searches alphabetically. If you have grouped the reports by category, this template is available under the Sentinel Core category.

Sentinel uses this template to present the report results. If you delete this template or if you do any updates to this template, you need to manually import this White Label template in to the Sentinel UI. You can also customize this template to include your own header, footer, and logo as per your organization’s needs.

To customize the White Label Template:

  1. In the Reports and Searches panel, select the White Label Template report definition, and then click Export.

  2. Save the file to your local computer.

  3. Create a new directory.

  4. Extract the file contents to the new directory using any zip extraction tool.

  5. In the new directory, open the Resources directory. In this directory, you can modify the following files:

    • Header/Footer.jrxml: Contains the Jasper report layout descriptions. You can modify the layout of fields, text, or images in the header and footer, but you must ensure that the overall size of the header and footer does not change. You can manually edit the XML file or use iReport to modify them.

    • Header/Footer*.properties: Contains the strings from the layout file localized into various languages. You can modify the strings that appear in the header or footer by editing this file. Ensure that the new strings do no exceed the space allocated to them.

    • Logo.jpg: Contains the logo that appears in the White Label footer. You can replace this file with another image. Ensure that the size of the new image is exactly the same size of the existing image.

  6. After you are done with the changes, use a zip tool to re-zip the modified report template.

  7. In the Reports and Searches panel, click Import reports or searches, browse to this zip file, and then click Import.

    NOTE:If the directory structure is different than the original zip file, then the import process displays an error.

  8. Schedule a report definition and view the report results to ensure the changes you made are applied correctly.