14.3 Viewing a Work Item

  1. In the Work Item Summary, click the yellow or green bar.

    A work item list for the group or the current user displays and shows the name and ID of the incident, the workflow process name, and the step name and description

  2. Double-click any work item and click View Details.

    The Work Item Details window appears and shows the process details, including any detailed instructions included by the iTRAC workflow developer and any variables that need to be set in the step.

  3. Click Process Overview to view an overview of the entire iTRAC process.

  4. Click Incident to view the details of the associated incident.

  5. To take responsibility for this work item, click Acquire. Otherwise, click Cancel.

NOTE:Any changes to the incident from this page must be saved. There is a Save button on the toolbar and a Save button at the bottom of the page.

The information on the Process Details and Process Overview tabs is defined by the iTRAC workflow designer. For more information on creating workflow templates, see Section 13.0, Configuring iTRAC Workflows.