9.3 Creating a Tag

  1. Log in to the Sentinel Web interface as a user in the Manage Tags role.


    IP_Address/DNS_Sentinel_server is the IP address or DNS name of the Sentinel server and 8443 is the default port for the Sentinel server.

  2. Select Tags in the navigation panel on the left or click the Tag icon in the appropriate data object interface to which you want to associate tags.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Specify a name for the tag.

    Tags have the following naming conventions, and a warning message is displayed if the name you specify does not comply with the following conventions:

    • Tag names should not be more than 20 characters.

    • There should not be any white space as part of the tag name.

    • A tag name is not case-sensitive. You cannot create two tags with identical names except for capitalization. For example, you cannot have the tag names IDM and idm, because both are perceived as the same name.

    • Articles such as a and the cannot be tag names.

  5. Specify an optional description for the tag.

    If the tag name is available, a message is displayed.

    If a tag with the same name already exists, a message is displayed indicating the name is not unique. You must specify a different name for the tag.

  6. Click Save.