11.0 Reporting

Sentinel is prepackaged with a variety of Jasper reports, some of which are general and some of which are device-specific. For example, SUSE Linux. Some of the reports are flexible to allow users to specify the columns to be displayed in the results. These reports use a Lucene-based query language.

When the Sentinel page is loaded for the first time, all the report definitions in the system are loaded and displayed in the Reports panel on the left of the page.

You can run, schedule, and e-mail the reports. You can also run any report as a search and then interact with the results as you would do for any search, such as refining the search or performing an action on the results. For more information, see Section 2.0, Searching Events.

You can also run reports on Sentinel servers that are distributed across different geographic locations. For more information, see Searching and Reporting Events in a Distributed Environment in the NetIQ Sentinel 7.0.1 Administration Guide.

All report results depend on the data viewing permissions associated with the user's role.