14.4 Processing a Work Item

A work item can be accessed from any part of the main tabbed Sentinel Control Center interface.

To process a work item, you must accept and complete the work item:

  1. In the Work Item Summary, click the yellow or green bar. A work item list for the group or the current user displays.

  2. To assign an iTRAC process to you, select the process and click Acquire.

    The Work Item Summary changes from yellow to green.

    NOTE:When you acquire (accept) a work item, it is removed from the queues of all other users in the same role. The work item can be returned to the group by clicking Release.

  3. Click View Details.

    The current step within a work item is highlighted in red.

  4. To take action on the step, click the Process Details tab.

    Depending on the type of variable (Integer, String, Boolean and Float) in a manual step, you can click the down-arrow and select a value. If needed, you can add comments or add an attachment.

    In all other cases, the steps are automatic.

  5. Click Complete to complete the process.

Completing the work item signals the completion of the task to the iTRAC server. The updateable variables from the work item are processed by the server to move to the next step, which depends on how the workflow is defined. The work item is removed from the user’s worklist and appears in the worklist of the individual or role associated with the next step in the process.