13.5 Creating a Template

  1. Access the Sentinel Control Center. For more information, see Step 1 in Section 13.2, Accessing the iTRAC Administration Tools.

  2. Click the iTRAC tab.

  3. In the toolbar, click iTRAC > Template Manager.

  4. Click Add to display the iTRAC Template Builder window.

  5. In the Process Details window, provide a name and description (optional) of the template, then click OK.

  6. Drag and drop a step from the Step Palette or an activity from the Activities pane into the Process window.

  7. Add as many steps and activities as needed to create the template.

  8. Right-click the step where you need to add transition, then click Add Transition.

    The transition is added after the selected step.

    NOTE:Any step (except for the end step) can have one or more exit transition lines. A decision step must have at least two exit lines.

  9. Right-click each final step in the template, then click Add End Transition.

  10. Look at the message pane at the bottom of the iTRAC Template Builder to find any messages with warnings or errors about incomplete steps, then fix any problems you find.

  11. When the template is complete, click File > Save.


    Click the Save button to save the template.