11.0 Configuring Out-of-the-box Content

Sentinel ships with a wide variety of useful out-of-the-box content that you can use immediately to meet many of your analysis needs. Much of this content comes from a pre-installed Sentinel Core Solution Pack. For more information, see Using Solution Packs in the NetIQ Sentinel 7.0.1 Administration Guide.

Solution Pack allows categorization and grouping of content into controls or policy sets that are treated as a unit. The controls in the Sentinel Core Solution Pack are pre-installed to provide you with this out-of-the-box content, but those controls have to be formally implemented or tested by using the Sentinel Web UI.

If a certain amount of rigor is desired to help show that your Sentinel implementation is working as designed, you may use the formal attestation process built into the Solution Packs. This attestation process implements and tests the Sentinel Core controls just as you would implement and test controls from any other Solution Pack. As part of this process, the implementer and tester will attest that they have completed their work; these attestations will then become part of an audit trail that can be examined to demonstrate that any particular control was properly deployed.

You can do the attestation process by using the Solution Manager. For more information on implementing and testing the controls, see Installing and Managing Solution Packs in the NetIQ Sentinel 7.0.1 Administration Guide.