3.3 Installing an Additional Collector Manager

You must install the remote Collector Manager on a different system than where Sentinel or the remote Correlation Engine is installed.

  1. Launch the Sentinel Web interface by specifying the following URL in your Web browser:


    The <IP_Address_Sentinel_server> is the IP address or DNS name of the Sentinel server and 8443 is the default port for the Sentinel server.

    Log in with the username and password specified during the installation of the Sentinel server.

  2. In the toolbar, click Downloads.

  3. Under the Collector Manager heading, click Download Installer.

  4. Click Save File to save the installer to the desired location.

  5. Specify the following command to extract the installation file.

    tar zxvf <install_filename>

    Replace <install_filename> with the actual name of the install file.

  6. Change to the directory where you extracted the installer. For example:

    cd sentinel_collector_mgr-
  7. Specify the following command to install Sentinel Collector Manager:


    The install script first checks for the available memory and disk space. If the available memory is less than 1.5 GB, the script automatically terminates the installation.

  8. Specify the number for the language you want to use for the installation.

    The end user license agreement is displayed in the selected language.

  9. Press the Spacebar to read through the license agreement.

  10. Enter yes or y to accept the license agreement and continue with the installation.

    The installation might take a few seconds before prompting for the configuration type.

  11. When prompted, specify 1 to proceed with the standard configuration.

  12. Enter default Communication Server Hostname or IP Address of the machine on which Sentinel is installed.

  13. Specify the username and password for the Collector Manager.

    The username and password are stored in the /<install_dir>/etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/activemqusers.properties file located in the Sentinel server.

    For example:


    In this example, collectormanager is the username and the corresponding value is the password.

  14. Accept the certificate permanently when prompted.

    The remote Sentinel Collector Manager installation is complete.