8.3 Ordering Event Routing Rules

When there is more than one event routing rule, the event routing rules can be reordered by dragging them to a new location. Events are evaluated by event routing rules in the specified order until a match is made, so you should order the event routing rules accordingly. More narrowly defined event routing rules and more important event routing rules should be placed at the beginning of the list.

The first routing rule that matches the event based on the filter is processed. For example, if an event passes the filter for two routing rules, only the first rule is applied. The default routing rule cannot be reordered. It always appears at the end.

  1. Log in to the Sentinel Web interface as a user in the administrator role.

  2. Click Routing in the toolbar.

    The Event Routing Rules tab is displayed.

    Existing event routing rules appear on the page.

  3. Mouse over the icon to the left of the event routing rule numbering to enable drag-and-drop. The cursor changes.

  4. Drag the event routing rule to the correct place in the ordered list.

    When the event routing rules are ordered, a success message is displayed.