5.7 Viewing Local and Networked Storage Capacity

The Health page, which is available only to administrators, displays local and networked data capacity. For more information on configuring networked storage, see Section 5.2, Configuring Networked Storage Locations.

To view the local storage and networked storage capacity:

  1. Log in to the Sentinel Web interface as a user in the administrator role.

  2. Click Storage in the toolbar.

    The Storage Health page is displayed. The gray color indicates the free data space and the green color indicates used data storage space.

The Health page of Sentinel also displays forecasts about the local storage capacity. If the networked storage location is not configured, a message is displayed on the Health page:

The Click here link displays the Data Storage Location page, where you can configure the networked storage location. For more information, see Configuring Networked Storage Locations.

If Sentinel is configured to show the networked storage location, the Health page displays the networked storage capacity as well as the forecasted networked storage capacity.

WARNING:When the system is running out of local disk storage space, a warning message is displayed and a system audit event is logged. To avoid data loss, you must increase the local disk storage space.