37.12 Maintaining Custom Settings in XML Files

The server.xml, collector_mgr.xml, and correlation_engine.xml files include advanced configuration options. If you need to modify the default values, it is important to set the values using the instructions described in this section because these XML files automatically get replaced during upgrade, which results in any modifications getting overwritten.

Consider an example where you want to customize the tokenExpireTime property in the AuthenticationService component below, which is present in the server.xml file:

 <obj-component id="AuthenticationService">
        <property name="handler">esecurity.login.request</property>
        <property name="maxThreads">100</property>
        <property name="tokenExpireTime">86400000</property>

To ensure that the modifications do not get overwritten during the upgrade, create a file in the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/ directory with its name in the format: obj-component.<obj-component id>.properties. In the properties file, set the property to the value you desire in the format <property name>=<value>.

In the case of the AuthenticationService component, create the file as: obj-component.AuthenticationService.properties and set the tokenExpireTime property as: tokenExpireTime=90000000.

The values in the obj-component.AuthenticationService.properties file overwrites any default values set in the server.xml file. The properties files do not get overwritten during the upgrade.