4.0 Configuring Your Environment for Self Service Password Reset

After you have installed Self Service Password Reset, you must configure your environment to allow Self Service Password Reset to work. You can manually configure your environment, or you can use the Configuration Guide that comes with Self Service Password Reset.

The Self Service Password Reset Configuration Guide walks you through configuring your environment. It creates certificates for you, it provides LDIF files to extend the schema for the LDAP directories, and it shows you what rights you must have in the LDAP directories for Self Service Password Reset to work. It also helps you configure a secure connection to an external database if that is your configuration choice.

IMPORTANT:Self Service Password Reset has detailed messaging enabled while you run the Configuration Guide. This is left on by default and you must disable it in production or it will cause performance issues.

If you manually configure your environment, you must create and manage certificates, configure the LDAP directories by extending schema and assigning rights, and you must configure the external databases to communicate with Self Service Password Reset.

You must complete these configuration tasks before you can use Self Service Password Reset.