14.0 Managing the Appliance

You can deploy Self Service Password Reset as an appliance. You use the appliance management console to change certain configuration settings for the appliance, such as administrative passwords for the vaadmin user and the root user, network settings, and certificate settings. You should perform these tasks only from the appliance management console, because native Linux tools are not aware of the configuration requirements and dependencies of the Self Service Password Reset services.

IMPORTANT:NetIQ delivers and updates the Self Service Password Reset appliance as a single unit including the operating system, the Self Service Password Reset application, and associated runtime components. NetIQ does not recommend adding any additional software components to the appliance. Any support issues that arise with customer supplied components might require removal before support issues can be resolved.

To access the appliance management console:

  1. In a web browser, specify the DNS name or the IP address for the appliance with the port number 9443. For example:



  2. Specify the administrative user name and password for the appliance, then click Sign in.The default users are vaadmin and root.

  3. Continue manage the appliance.

The appliance management console displays the following options: