Self Service Password Reset 4.5 Administration Guide

The NetIQ Self Service Password Reset Administration Guide provides conceptual and step-by-step guidance for administrative tasks.

Intended Audience

This book provides information for individuals responsible for understanding administration concepts and implementing a secure, distributed administration model. Administrators must have a good understanding of networks, LDAP directories, databases, and Cloud systems. This guide does not provide detailed information about these connected systems.

Systems Administrator

Deploy Self Service Password Reset across a distributed network. Configure language, connectivity, and authentication settings to ensure that users can access and reset passwords without generating a help desk call. Correlate business administrator and data administrator needs. Plus, integrate Advanced Authentication, Identity Manager, and Access Manager.

Other Information in the Library

The library provides the following information resources in addition to this guide:

Release Notes

Provides information specific to this release of Self Service Password Reset, such as known issues.

Installation Guide

Provides installation steps specific to this release of Self Service Password Reset.


Provide supplemental information about using Self Service Password Reset. For more information, see the Self Service Password Reset Youtube playlist.