5.9 Configuring the Update Profile Module

You can enable users to view and update their profile attributes. This is feature is available on the Main Menu of Self Service Password Reset. Ensure that the attributes you configure in the Update Profile module have the required rights in the LDAP directory. For more information, see Viewing LDAP Permissions Recommendations.

You can create as many profiles as you require for your environment for the Update Profile module. You can define different setting for each profile to present different information to each group of users defined in each profile. For more information, see Configuring Profiles.

Enabling the Update Profile module allows users to see an Update Profile tile on the main Self Service Password Reset page that takes the users to the Update Profile page. Self Service Password Reset displays the different options to the users on the Update Profile page that you configure. Including customized links or the specific attributes you want the users to be able to edit. For an example of adding customized links, see Adding the Device Management Link to the Update Profile Page.

To configure the Update Profile module:

  1. Log in to Self Service Password Reset at https://dns-name/sspr as an administrator.

  2. In the toolbar, click your name.

  3. Click Configuration Editor.

  4. Click Modules > Authenticated > Update Profile > Update Profile Profiles > default.

  5. Configure the settings for the default profile or any additional profiles for the Update Profile module using the help.

  6. Enable the Update Profile module:

    1. Click Modules > Authenticated > Update Profile > Update Profile Settings.

    2. Enable the Enable Update Profile setting to enable the module.

  7. In the toolbar, click Save changes.