5.3 Configuring the Change Password Module

Users can change their passwords whenever they want by using Self Service Password Reset. Self Service Password Reset allows administrators to customize the password change experience for the users from the beginning to the end. The Change Password module allows you to configure actions the users must perform before changing their passwords. It also allows you to configure tasks the users must perform after they changed their passwords.

Here is list of some of the options you can configure for the users:

  • Define the permissions the users must have to change their password.

  • Logout the users after they change their passwords.

  • Require the users to enter their existing passwords to change their passwords.

  • Show a password strength meter among many other options.

When the users click Change Password, the web page lists the prerequisites for users to change their password. If you want to change the text from the listed items, Self Service Password Reset allows you to do that. For more information, see the Password Rule Text setting in Configuring a Profile for a Password Policy.

To configure the Change Password settings:

  1. Log in to Self Service Password Reset at https://dns-name/sspr as an administrator.

  2. In the toolbar, click your name.

  3. Click Configuration Editor.

  4. Click Modules > Authenticated > Change Password.

  5. Use the detailed help to configure the different available settings.

  6. In the toolbar, click Save changes.