NetIQ Module: Security Manager for NetIQ Vulnerability Manager


Supported Products

  • NetIQ Vulnerability Manager version 5.0, Service Pack 1
  • NetIQ Vulnerability Manager version 5.5

Date Published

  • March 24, 2006


Security Manager support for NetIQ Vulnerability Manager monitors AutoSync updates, security checkup report results, and security checks performed by a Core Services computer on which you install a Security Manager agent and configure logging. Security Manager alerts you by risk level, so you can quickly take corrective or preventive action. For example, this module alerts you to the following conditions:

Security Manager configures the Vulnerability Manager Core Services computer to write NetIQ Vulnerability Manager events to a log. The Security Manager agent on the Core Services computer monitors the log and generates alerts for important events, such as events indicating operation failures or security checkup report results with High or Medium scores.

A Forensic Analysis query allows you to analyze stored NetIQ Vulnerability Manager events. This wizard allows you to retrieve and examine raw consolidated log data from your log database collected over days, weeks, or months.

Why Install This Version?

Security Manager for NetIQ Vulnerability Manager provides an important new capability.

This version includes new technology for dynamically updating Security Manager modules. The AutoSync Server allows you to download and install updated modules between Security Manager releases.

Improvements are made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure our products meet all your needs.

Installation Requirements

The following table lists additional requirements for a Windows agent monitoring NetIQ Vulnerability Manager. For more information about agent requirements, see the Installation Guide for NetIQ Security Manager.

Category Requirement
Software A Windows agent must be installed for each NetIQ Vulnerability Manager Core Services computer you want to monitor.

Installation and Configuration Considerations

You can install this module using the Module Installer. After you install the module, run the Configuration Wizard to configure the module. For more information about installing and configuring this module, see the NetIQ Security Manager for NetIQ Vulnerability Manager Monitoring Guide in the following folder on the user interface computer:

installation folder\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\Documentation\Monitoring Guides

Where installation folder is the location where you installed Security Manager user interfaces.