Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan

Release Notes

Date Published: September 2009



Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan allows you to monitor Trend Micro OfficeScan in real-time, highlighting events that may indicate critical issues or potential problems so you can take corrective action quickly. Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan monitors computers and ensures any significant condition, such as a virus attack, detected by the antivirus software is communicated to your operations staff in a timely manner. Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan monitors the application and generates alerts when the application is unable to run or deliver alerts.

This module for the Security Manager product includes usability improvements and resolves several previous issues. Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure our products meet all your needs. You can post feedback in the Security Manager forum on Qmunity, our community Web site that also includes product notifications, blogs, and the Security Manager user group.

This document outlines why you should install this module, lists any installation requirements, and identifies any known issues.

Supported Products

This release supports the following products:

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite 8
  • Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite 10

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Why Install This Module?

Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan provides support for Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite 8 and 10. Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan monitors events generated by Trend Micro OfficeScan, highlighting events that may indicate possible service outages of the virus detection system, as well as virus infections, so you can quickly take corrective or preventative actions.

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System Requirements

The following table lists additional requirements for a Windows agent computer monitoring Trend Micro OfficeScan. For more information about agent requirements, see the Installation Guide for NetIQ Security Manager.

Category Requirement
Processor 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent.
Memory 40 MB minimum. The amount of memory usage varies and depends on the environment, including event rate and other factors. Memory use for a Windows agent monitoring Trend Micro OfficeScan could reach 256 MB or higher.
Operating System All supported Windows agent platforms.
  • Ensure you have Security Manager 6.0 Service Pack 4 or later installed.
  • Install the Windows agent with Trend Micro OfficeScan support on a separate computer from the database server or central computer.

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Installing This Module

Before you install Event Manager for Trend Micro for OfficeScan, you must first install Log Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan in order for any event collection to occur.

You can install this module using the Module Installer. After you install the module, run the Configuration Wizard to configure the module. For more information about how to follow the Configuration Wizard, click the Help icon in the lower left of the wizard.

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Configuring the Trend Micro OfficeScan Module

You can configure the module with the Configuration Wizard. For more information about using the Configuration Wizard, see the User Guide for NetIQ Security Manager.

Security Manager requires that Trend Micro OfficeScan send its events to the NT Event Log. In the Configuration Wizard, select Allow SM to update Trend Micro to allow virus event logging. Security Manager will automatically enable Trend Micro NT Event Logging. If you would prefer Security Manager to modify Trend Micro configuration files, use the Web Console to enable NT event logging manually. For more information about enabling NT event logging manually in Trend Micro OfficeScan, see the Trend Micro OfficeScan documentation.

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Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, contact Technical Support.

Removal of Monitoring Guides

Since monitoring information for updated Security Manager modules is now available in the module release notes, monitoring guides have been discontinued. However, a known issue exists where Security Manager cannot simply remove old monitoring guides when installing updated modules. To reduce the risk of users referencing outdated monitoring guides, Security Manager now replaces the old monitoring guide in the default documentation folder with a blank monitoring guide. Monitoring guides are installed by default in the \Program Files\NetIQ Security Manager\OnePoint\Documentation\Monitoring Guides folder on the central computer, but may have been moved or copied to a different location in your environment. After installing an updated module, you should manually delete any outdated monitoring guides that were copied or moved to other folders.

Empty Legacy Processing Rule Groups

After installing or upgrading to Trend Micro OfficeScan, there are two legacy processing rule groups listed in the Development Console: Trend Micro (Legacy) and Support for Trend Micro (Legacy). These processing rule groups are left over from previous versions of those Trend Micro modules, and are no longer functional. (ENG271554)

Excluded Account Names May Break Processing Rules

A known issue exists where adding certain account names or regular expressions on the Trend Micro OfficeScan Web Console Logon Alerting page in the Configuration Wizard breaks associated module processing rules, and Security Manager does not generate alerts for matching events. If you enter any account names or regular expressions containing the characters or, and, or not, the module parser treats those characters as Boolean operators and does not recognize them as part of an account name. For example, entering Administrator or Anderson in the excluded accounts list would break the "Successful Login" and "User accessed configuration mode" rules in this module. If you add any regular expressions or account names containing or, and, or not to the excluded accounts list in the Configuration Wizard, you must also edit those names in the Development Console to enable the associated rules to function.

To ensure excluded account names do not break associated processing rules:

  1. After you install the module, open the Configuration Wizard and follow the instructions to configure support for Trend Micro OfficeScan. Add the appropriate account names or regular expressions on the Trend Micro OfficeScan Web Console Logon Alerting page, select the Enable checkbox, and complete the remaining configuration steps in the wizard. For more information, see the help for the Configuration Wizard.
  2. Open the Development Console and expand Processing Rule Groups > Event Manager for Antivirus > Event Manager for Trend Micro OfficeScan.
  3. Select Event Processing Rules and locate the rule named "OfficeScan Web Console Logon" in the content pane. Open the rule to view its properties.
  4. On the Criteria tab, click Advanced.
  5. Under Process only data that matches all these criteria, select User Name and click Remove.
  6. Under Define more criteria, the Value field displays each of the account names and regular expressions you entered in the Configuration Wizard. Review each account name or regular expression and modify any that contain or, and, or not characters by adding square brackets around one character in the string. For example, if the User Name list includes an entry named Anderson, change the entry to [A]nderson. Do not change or remove any other characters in the User Name list.
  7. When you are finished modifying the appropriate User Name entries, click Add to List.
  8. Click Close and then click Apply.


Configuration Wizard Allows Unsupported Characters

The configuration wizard allows entry of user account names that conflict with the naming guidelines for Trend Micro and Microsoft Windows. Rules may not function correctly if you enter user account names:

  • Longer than 256 characters
  • Containing the following unsupported characters: / \ [ ] : ; | = , + * ? < > @ "


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Contact Information

Please contact us with your questions and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

For detailed contact information, see the Support Contact Information Web site.

For interactive conversations with your peers and NetIQ experts, become an active member of Qmunity, our community Web site that offers product forums, product notifications, blogs, and user groups.

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