4.0 Creating Login Credentials

Novell SecureLogin allows you to enable multiple logins for single sign-on to the same application.

Through the My Login page, you can view and edit Novell SecureLogin user data, such as usernames and passwords that allow you to successfully log in to an application.

To use Novell SecureLogin to automatically log you in to an application, you must create a Login (set of credentials) and link it to that application.

If you add an application that has a predefined application, you need to link the login to it. You can provide login variables the next time that you access the application. However, you do not need to add or create login for applications that you enabled for single sign-on in the following ways:

In these two cases, the Application Definition Wizard created the login while you were adding the application to the single sign-on functionality.

You can use the same login to log you in to more than one application.

Also, if you have multiple roles, you can set up multiple logins for the same application. For example, you might be a network administrator as well as a user. When you log in to the network as administrator and then launch an application, Novell SecureLogin prompts you to select a profile. After you select the administrator profile, Novell SecureLogin then automatically logs you in with the appropriate credentials.