1.0 Installing and Using pcProx

The NMAS Login Method and Login ID plug-in for pcProx provides to you two ways to employ a proximity card as a means of authentication to the network. It enables you to set up a pcProx card ID to act like a conventional password to authenticate the user to the network. This method is similar to the login methods provided for use with NMAS.

IMPORTANT:pcProx should not be the only factor used for authentication, because this might pose security issues. It should be used with a second factor, such as a biometric device, a smart card, or a password.

The NMAS login ID plug-in enables the organizations to utilize their proximity cards to quickly and easily identify users. For example, instead of requiring user to specify their user IDs when they authenticate, you can require users to present their proximity cards for identification along with another form of authentication, such as a password or a biometric device to authenticate the users.

This login method supports two types of proximity cards: