1.0 About Novell SecureLogin

In large enterprises and organizations, employees must interact with multiple applications and access sensitive information. Each application has its own authentication methods that require users to specify different usernames and passwords. This forces the users to maintain and manage different usernames and passwords to each of the numerous applications, which can be inconvenient and difficult.

To resolve these issues, a solution is needed to avoid the necessity of users remembering numerous passwords while simultaneously providing users access to the required sensitive data without compromising on security.

Novell SecureLogin is a single sign-on product that provides this kind of ease for password management.

Novell SecureLogin utilities and components are designed to enable single sign-on for Windows, Web, Java, and terminal emulator applications.

It supports both username and password authentication, and also multi-factor authentication such as smart card, token, or biometric authentication at the network and application levels.

Novell SecureLogin has the following features:

It maintains single sign-on integrity for all mobile and remote users by locally encrypting the cache regardless of the network connectivity. If permitted, mobile users can update their single sign-on credentials when they are disconnected from the network and update the directory with these details when they attach later.

Because Novell SecureLogin is a directory-enabled product, users can:

Novell SecureLogin includes wizards, directory console plug-in, and tools which make it easy to centrally configure for use on the corporate network.

Includes management utilities that allows the administrators and end-users to view their single sign-on details and, if permitted enable single sign-on applications.