1.1 What is an Application Definition?

An application definition is a set of instructions that Novell SecureLogin follows to perform tasks on Windows applications, Java applications, or Web pages. For example, you can use an application definition to save user login credentials, so users don’t need to type a username and password every time they want to access an application.

NOTE:Throughout the document, we refer to all the Web, Windows, and Java applications as applications.

An application definition is a collection of instructions that handle multiple operations associated with credentials of the application such as login, change password , application prompts, application notifications. It contains specific instructions that allow the software client to analyze an application after it is launched and determine whether some specific actions need to be performed.

Application definitions specify how Novell SecureLogin interacts with an application to use a single sign-on credential. Novell SecureLogin comes with predefined application definitions for many commercial applications.

You can use the predefined application definitions or create new application definition to enable single sign-on for applications. You can also use application definitions to assign instructions for each dialog box or screen that an application displays. You can choose to define actions for a selected window, a login screen, or an entire application. Application definitions can also include commands to automate password changes on behalf of users and to request user input when required.

Application definitions are stored and secured within the directory to ensure maximum security, support for single-point administration, and for manageability.