8.8 SecureLogin in Kiosk Mode

In Active Directory mode, by default SecureLogin uses the workstation logged in session to login to SecureLogin. User can also login to SecureLogin using different credentials by updating the registry setting:

  1. On the Windows desktop, click start > Run to display the Run dialog box.

  2. Enter regedit, then click OK to open the Registry Editor.

  3. Browse to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Protocom\SecureLogin\NSLADAuth.

  4. Create DWORD NSLADAuth and set the value of NSLADAuth to 1.

  5. Exit the Registry Editor.

  6. Log out from the workstation and log in again.

  7. Launch the Novell SecureLogin.

This feature can be effectively used for desktop sharing using DAS. To enable smart card with DAS you have to use on-cardmon and card-insert elements. For more information on these new attributes, see on-cardmon in Administering Desktop Automation Services.

NOTE: This feature is not supported with SecureLogin installed in ADAM mode

8.8.1 Kiosk Mode using Smart Card

The changes in smart card and Desktop Automation Services allows switching of users using smart card in Active Directory mode.

  1. Log in to the workstation where you want to launch the Novell SecureLogin.

  2. Insert the smart card and Launch SecureLogin.

    The NSL PinPrompt dialog box is displayed prompting you to enter a valid PIN.

  3. Enter the valid PIN.

    The Novell SecureLogin is launched successfully for the smart card user.

8.8.2 Kiosk Mode without using Smart Card

If smartcard is invalid or not present, then you can login to SecureLogin with different credential.

  1. Log in to the workstation and launch the Novell SecureLogin.

  2. The NSL Login dialog box is displayed prompting you to enter a valid username and password.

  3. Enter the valid credentials

    The Novell SecureLogin is launched successfully.

NOTE: If the Active Directory user password is expired, user has to change the password through the Windows settings before logging in to Novel SecureLogin. In this case, SecureLogin will not prompt the user to change an expired password.