10.0 Reauthenticating Applications

With Novell SecureLogin, when a user runs an applications, Novell SecureLogin seamlessly retrieves the user’s application credentials and authenticates in the background so that the user is not promoted to specify the password. You can also configure Novell SecureLogin to prompt the user for stronger authentication to all or specific applications.

Individual applications can be re-authenticated against an advanced device where Novell SecureLogin is used in conjunction with for example: Novell® NMAS™ infrastructure. This does not require you to run a dedicated application definition.

You can configure Novell SecureLogin to request application reauthentication by using one of the following methods:

NOTE:For environments that use the Novell NMAS infrastructure, you can add the NMAS method in the Reauthentication Method (in the wizard login form definition screen) value by providing a free text string from Novell.