NetIQ Secure API Manager 1.0 Installation Guide

The NetIQ Secure API Manager Installation Guide provides conceptual information and step-by-step guidance for installation tasks.

Intended Audience

This guide provides information for individuals responsible for installing and maintaining Secure API Manager and connecting it to NetIQ Access Manager. You must have Access Manager installed and you must understand Access Manager, networking concepts, and virtual environments. NetIQ delivers the Secure API Manager as an appliance.

System Administrators

Deploy Secure API Manager across a distributed network. Configure Secure API Manager to work with Access Manager and configure virtual environments to run the Secure API Manager appliance.

Other Information in the Library

The library provides the following information resources in addition to this guide:

Release Notes

Provide information specific to this release of the Secure API Manager product, such as known issues.

NetIQ Secure API Manager Administration Guide

Provides details of configuration and administration tasks specific to this release of Secure API Manager.

NetIQ Secure API Manager API Management Guide

Provides detailed information about how to add APIs to a central repository, manage the APIs, and maintain the APIs throughout their lifecycle.