NetIQ Risk Service 2.0

NetIQ Risk Service protects sensitive applications against high-risk user access. Using contextual and behavioral information, Risk Service evaluates the risk profile of the user or entity during each access attempt. The risk profile can be used to determine the authentication process and access rights.

Risk-based authentication improves end-user access experience and helps in preventing fraudulent access to secured web and API resources.

Release Notes view last update
Risk Service - Log4j Vulnerability Release Notes   12/21/2021
Risk Service 2.0 Release Notes   09/08/2020

Administration view last update
Administration Guide   09/08/2020

Integration with Interset for Behavioral Analytics view last update
Enabling Behavioral Analytics Using Interset for Access Manager    09/08/2020
Enabling Behavioral Analytics Using Interset for Advanced Authentication    09/08/2020

Developer view last update
Risk Service Configuration API 09/08/2020

End User License Agreement view last update
Risk Service 2.0 End User License Agreement 03/16/2021

Additional Resources view last update
Sample JSON Formats for Rules   09/08/2020