E.1 Consolidation Planning Workflow

Use this generic consolidation planning workflow:

Table E-1 Best Practices Usage


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Step 1: Inventory the servers.

Step 2: Monitor the servers and collect data.

Step 3: Analyze the collected data and create consolidation projects and scenarios by using PlateSpin Recon charts and the Consolidation Planning Module.

When you have finished, consolidate the servers by streaming physical servers into virtual environments by using PlateSpin PowerConvert.

For early detection of potential inventory and monitoring issues, use PlateSpin Recon PlateSpin Analyzer to scan your network before starting the inventory.

Q7920825: Using PlateSpin Analyzer and understanding its results.

If possible, use Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 and set up PlateSpin Recon to connect and collect monitoring data directly from it. This feature allows you to reduce your project timeline from weeks to days.

Q7920903: PlateSpin Recon with MOM 2005