8.2 VM Sprawl Reporting

The VM Sprawl report provides information about all virtual machines found by PlateSpin Recon, along with information about their servers.

NOTE:If a VM is under a cluster and the parent host ESX machine is not inventoried by PlateSpin Recon, the VM is displayed under the Cluster group of this report.

You can use this report to keep track of the number and location of virtual machines resident in the data center. VM Sprawl report information is obtained from the virtual machines’ host servers.

Citrix XenServer pools can also be inventoried by PlateSpin Recon, and these pools are treated similarly to a Virtual Center The VM Sprawl report can also be used to report on these pools.

The VM Sprawl Report template is located in the Inventory Reports section of the Reports Explorer. For more information about Inventory reports, see Section 5.2.5, Working with Report Templates.