2.7 Scheduled Job Explorer

A scheduled job is an activity set to occur at a given time and frequency. For example, it is possible to generate a Network Usage Report every morning at 9:00 AM for the next five days.

A scheduled job is comprised of two components: the action to be performed (the job), and the schedule for performing the activity. The schedule is a reusable component that can be shared amongst multiple jobs, such as creating three reports at 9:00 AM. The Scheduled Job Explorer can be used to view the status of the completed jobs.

Figure 2-6 Job status displayed in the Scheduled Job Explorer

Errors or warnings, if any, are also displayed. In addition, scheduled jobs can be run manually, or can have their recurrence changed.

Right-click any running job entry to display a pop-up menu, or use the toolbar buttons, and you can Suspend, Resume, or Delete any scheduled job. The Edit Recurrence command allows you to create or edit a scheduled job recurrence pattern. The Run Now command allows you to immediately run the scheduled job.