1.0 Introduction

Novell PlateSpin Recon provides intelligence, visual analysis, and forecasting for consolidating and optimizing the data center. It collects hardware, software, and service inventory data for server workloads. PlateSpin Recon can remotely gather workload utilization statistics for a clear and concise picture of the application services running in the data center, and to determine how resources are being used.

The PlateSpin Recon Consolidation Planning module determines the optimal fit between server resource supply and workload demand. It helps you visualize the characteristics of server workloads before and after consolidation, determine the servers required for consolidation, and expedite projects by automatically generating consolidation plans. You can also protect servers by allocating them to a suitable virtual recovery environment in case of a service outage.

PlateSpin Recon includes other features such as Virtual Infrastructure Management capabilities, as well as a resource utilization-based IT chargeback system. These can be used to help cope with the challenges presented by the virtualization and consolidation of the data center.