4.3 Configuring Monitoring for Citrix XenServer 5.x

Earlier versions of Citrix XenServer (such as 4.1) allowed instantaneous gathering of performance metrics, but changes to the XenServer API have deprecated this feature. Performance counters (CPU, Network, and Disk) return zero (0) in version 5.0 and later unless the XenServer Host is configured to gather the performance metrics by using the new API.

To configure Citrix XenServer performance monitoring:

  1. On the XenServer host, enter the following in the console:

    xe host-param-set other-config:rrd_update_interval=1 uuid=<host-uuid>
  2. Restart the host.

PlateSpin Recon can now monitor Citrix XenServer 5.x and gather values for its performance counters. For more information, see Persistent XenServer Performance Statistics.