3.0 Setting Up PlateSpin Recon Licenses

A Novell PlateSpin Recon license entitles the user to one instance of PlateSpin Recon Server. No license is required to install and use the PlateSpin Recon Client.

PlateSpin Recon provides several licensing options at the time of purchase.

Per Use: Limits the amount of time and the number of servers that can be monitored. For example, ten server-days allows monitoring one server for ten days or two servers for five days.

Per Core: Licenses are tied to physical cores for monitoring, regardless of the operating system, platform, or the number of servers involved. If you inventory both the host and the VMs, the PlateSpin Recon licenses are calculated based on the cores of the host only, and the virtual CPU count is ignored. If you inventory only the VMs and not the host, the PlateSpin Recon counts one core per one virtual CPU, and the licenses are consumed based on the number of virtual CPUs assigned to the VM.

For example, assume that you have two physical hosts, PH1 and PH2, in your network. PH1 has 2 cores and PH2 has 4 cores. Each host machine has 5 VMs running on it, and each VM has 2 vCPUs. Therefore, the total number of vCPUs on each physical host is 10 (5 VMs multiplied by 2 vCPUs). The total number of PlateSpin Recon licenses consumed is calculated as follows:

NOTE:License types cannot be combined. Licensing applies limits during inventory and monitoring, but not during discovery.

For more information about Virtual Center licensing, see Virtual Center in the NovellĀ® PlateSpinĀ® Recon 3.7.4 User Guide.

This section provides information about PlateSpin Recon licensing.