10.4 Package Manager Options

The following commands allow you to install and uninstall the packages on the agents.

Syntax: ./unifi -n pkgman install <agent> <package>

Syntax: ./unifi -n pkgman uninstall <agent> <package>

If you have not mapped your local account to a Framework Manager user (see Modify User: Native Maps), replace the -n option with -u <username> -p <password> options and specify the name and password of a Framework Manager user who has the rights to perform this task.

Replace <agent> with the agent name for the host. To view a list of these names, click Hosts on the home page of the Framework Console.

Replace <package> with the name of the package to install or uninstall. To view a list of package names in the Framework Console, click Hosts, select a host, select to display the packages. The name field contains the package name that is used in this command.

NOTE:You cannot use this command to install or uninstall consoles. It can only be used to install and uninstall modules.