10.1 The unifi Options

The unifi binary is located in the /opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi directory for Linux and Unix platforms and in the \Program Files\Novell\npum\sbin\unifi directory for the Windows platform. The command has the following syntax:

Syntax: ./unifi [options]

Replace [options] with one or more of the following:




Displays the version of the Framework patch.


Displays the service name if you have changed it by modifying the unifi.xml file.

-u <username>

Specifies the username of the user requesting the command. This is used to verify that the user has sufficient rights to execute the command. Most, but not all commands, require authorization.

-p <pwd>

Specifies the password of the user.


Indicates that the user’s native account can be used for credentials. This option replaces the -u <username> -p <pwd> options. For information on how to set up native maps, see Modify User: Native Maps.

Most of the module commands require authentication credentials to verify the user’s rights to issue the command.

For example:

/opt/novell/npum/sbin/unifi -v

This command displays the version of the Framework patch.