8.1 Failover

The failover feature automatically and transparently redirects requests from a failed or withdrawn Framework Manager to the next available manager of the same type.  The agent automatically connects to a manager that is next in line in accordance with your defined hierarchy.

Table 8-1 Creating a Failover Environment

This diagram shows an example of a typical way to create an effective failover environment.

The Framework Manager (FM) is a Windows host. All agents are UNIX hosts.

Deployment: Deploy the Command Control Manager package on the Framework Manager, Agent 1, and Agent 3 hosts.

Who authenticates to whom: By default, each agent contacts the following host for Command Control authentication:

  • Agent 1 and 2 contact Agent 1.
  • Agent 3 and 4 contact Agent 3.

IMPORTANT:Windows supports only the Command Control Manager package.


  1. Agent 3 is downed for maintenance.  Agent 4 seeks authentication from Agent 1.

  2. Agent 1 is downed because of a broken network card.  Agents 2, 3, and 4 seek authentication from the Framework Manager.

  3. The Command Control Manager package is removed from the Framework Manager and the Agent is still broken.  Agents 2, 3, and 4 seek authentication from Agent 3.

IMPORTANT:If an additional subdomain is added, agents under Subdomain 1 and 1a then seek authentication from the new Subdomain if no other Command Control Manager is available.