7.6 Deploying the Compliance Auditor

You can provide failover and load balancing by installing the Compliance Auditor on multiple hosts. The Compliance Auditor consists of the following packages:

The Compliance Auditor has the following dependencies:

To deploy the Compliance Auditor:

  1. Download the required packages to your local Package Manager. See Section 2.0, Managing Package Distribution for details.

  2. Install the Audit Manager package on the host you want to be the Audit Manager, then install the Compliance Auditor package on the same host.

    This can be on any operating system, including Windows. See Section 3.4.7, Installing Packages on a Host for details. The auditing packages can be deployed to as many hosts as you need in order to build an environment with load balancing and failover.

  3. If you need reporting facilities, install the Access Manager package on the same host as the Compliance Auditor package.

  4. Install the Compliance Auditor console. See Section 2.2.2, Adding a Console to the Framework Manager Console for details.

The Compliance Auditor is now deployed and ready to use.