2.2 Setting Up User Activity Logging

By default, Portability Suite records all user activities in a log file, PortabilitySuite.UserActivityLogging.log, located on your Portability Suite Server host, in the following directory:

..\PlateSpin Portability Suite Server\logs.

The format of an individual log entry is:


The Category element describes the functional area applicable to a particular action; for example, Security, Inventory (discovery operations), LicenseManagement, or Migration (workload portability operations).

Elements details1 and details2 depend on the Category and provide additional information if applicable.

Below is an example of a log entry recording the login action of a user with the domain account MyDomain\John.Smith.

2008-09-02 14:14:47|Security|User logged in|MyDomain\John.Smith

When the size of a log file reaches a specified value, it is rolled over to a new file with a sequential number appended to the name:


When the number of log files reaches a specified value, the system starts overwriting the oldest file each time a rollover is performed.

To enable or disable user activity logging, and to specify log file size and rollover options:

  1. In Portability Suite Client, click Tools > Options.

  2. Click the Logging tab.

  3. Specify the required options, then click OK.