6.13 Including a Custom Post-migration Action in a Migration Job

You can set up your migration job to execute a custom action on your target. You must define and save your custom actions and their dependencies in advance. See Managing Custom Actions.

NOTE:Post-migration actions are supported for peer-to-peer and one-time Server Sync migrations only.

When you are setting up a migration job, select the required action, any required command line parameters, and a timeout as required. You must also provide valid credentials for the target workload. If the target workload credentials are unknown, you can use the credentials of the source workload.

To specify a custom post-migration action for your migration job:

Select Action: From the drop-down list, select a custom action previously saved in your library of post-migration actions.

Execution Parameters: Specify any required command line parameters for the action. If required, specify a timeout.

Credentials: Provide administrator credentials for the target. If they are the same as those for the source, and if they have been saved, select Use Source Credentials.