5.4 Deploying a PlateSpin Image

Use this procedure to deploy a PlateSpin Image on a supported physical machine or virtualization platform.

  1. Drag and drop the required PlateSpin Image to a discovered target physical machine or VM host.

  2. Specify the required settings for the migration job by clicking the links in each category.

    Migration jobs are auto-configured to create the target machine with the same settings as the source server. Depending on the objectives of the migration, you can:

    • Modify the Network Identification settings to configure the hostname and domain/workgroup registration of the target machine.

    • Modify the Guest NIC settings to configure the TCP/IP properties for the network adapters on the target machine.

    • Modify the Drive Configuration settings to select the volumes to copy during the migration.

  3. If the intended target is a virtual machine, specify the required virtual machine parameters and select the options you require, such as memory allocation, or automatic installation of VMware Tools or VMAdditions.

  4. Review and address errors and warnings.

  5. Click Start to deploy the image.