3.4 Analyzing Machines with PlateSpin Analyzer

Before you begin any large-scale migration projects, you should identify potential migration problems and correct them beforehand. Use the PlateSpin Analyzer utility to determine whether discovered machines are suitable for migration jobs.

NOTE:PlateSpin Analyzer currently supports only Windows workloads.

To open PlateSpin Analyzer:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Analyze Servers.

    The PlateSpin Analyzer window opens.

  2. Select the required PlateSpin Migrate Network and the required machines to analyze.

  3. (Optional) To reduce the analysis time, limit the scope of machines to a specific language.

  4. (Optional) To analyze machines in the inventory of a different PlateSpin Server, click Connect, then specify the required PlateSpin Server URL and valid credentials.

  5. Click Analyze.

    Depending on the number of discovered machines you select, the analysis might take a few seconds to several minutes.

Analyzed servers are listed in the left pane. Select a server to view test results in the right pane. Test results can be any combination of the following:

Table 3-3 Status Messages in PlateSpin Analyzer Test Results




The machine passed the PlateSpin Analyzer tests.


One or more tests returned warnings for the machine, indicating potential migration issues. Click the hostname to see the details.


One or more tests failed for this machine. Click the hostname to see the details and obtain more information.

The Summary tab provides a listing of the number of machines analyzed and not checked, as well as those that passed the test, failed the test, or were assigned a warning status.

The Test Results tab provides the following information:

Table 3-4 PlateSpin Analyzer Test Results Tab



System Test

Validates that the machine fulfills PlateSpin Migrate’s minimum hardware and operating system requirements.

Take Control Hardware Support

Checks for source hardware compatibility for offline migration.

Target Hardware Support

Checks hardware compatibility for use as a target physical machine.

Software Test

Checks for applications that must be shut down for Live Transfer, and databases that should be shut down during Live Transfer to guarantee transactional integrity.

Incompatible Application Test

Verifies that applications known to interfere with the migration process are not installed on the system. These applications are stored in the Incompatible Application Database. To add, delete, or edit entries in this database, select Incompatible Application from the Tools menu.

The Properties tab provides detailed information about a selected machine.

For more information about using PlateSpin Analyzer and understanding the results, see KB Article 7920478.