3.1 Connecting to a PlateSpin Server

Every time you start the PlateSpin Migrate Client, it performs the following actions:

You specify your connection credentials, the PlateSpin Server instance, and the required PlateSpin Migrate Network in the PlateSpin Server settings.

  1. In the PlateSpin Migrate Client, click Tools > PlateSpin Server Settings.


    Double-click one of the following three areas in PlateSpin Migrate Client’s status bar at the bottom: Server, Network, or User.

    The PlateSpin Server Settings dialog box opens.

  2. Specify the required PlateSpin Server URL, user, and network parameters as required:

    Interface Element


    Server URL

    Type the PlateSpin Server URL in the following format:

    http:// server_host /platespinmigrate

    (If SSL is enabled on the PlateSpin Server host, replace http in the URL with https).

    Connect As

    To connect to a PlateSpin Server, you must have administrative access to the PlateSpin Server host or be a member of one of the PlateSpin Migrate roles. See Section 2.2, Setting Up User Authorization and Authentication.


    To familiarize yourself with PlateSpin Migrate features, use the Sample Environment network. To work with actual source workloads and targets, use the Default network or create your own.

    To add a network, type the name, then click Add.

    To remove a network, select it, then click Delete.

  3. When you have finished, click OK.